Spring Branch, Texas

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Creative consulting & custom fabrication

Senior Mechanic - Michael Curry Design - 2003-2017

Job Description


•Designer and fabricator of props and puppets for theatrical productions by major entertainment company’s including: Disney, Cirque du Soleil, Universal Studios, Wynn Entertainment and more. 

•Comprehensive product creation start-to-finish, including conceptual drawings, model making, prototyping, fabrication, product testing and implementation.

•Product delivery, installation and customer support. On-site installation experience world wide including: Hong Kong, Japan, South America, France, Germany, New York NY, Las Vegas NV, Anaheim Ca., and Orlando FL. 

•One-of-a-kind products thoroughly documented for customer service manuals, customer support and product reorder. 


Pictured above: Me in the cockpit of a giant bird!

Excerpt from May/June 2015 issue of "1859", Oregons Magazine.

One of many exposes done on Michael Curry and his design studio in Scappoose Oregon.  Michael Curry is an American Production Designer well known in his home state of Oregon and worldwide in the entertainment industry.  

Michael Curry Design

Please check out Michaels impressive portfolio of work.