Spring Branch, Texas

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Apex Creative Design

Creative consulting & custom fabrication


About Me



My passion to create and invent started as a child with Legos, drawing, making movies, taking photos, making art, model making, painting, sculpting, and performing magic tricks.  As a teenager I started to understand machines and engineering by working on cars.  I continued to develop my creative and technical skills by taking drafting and art classes in high school and college.  My time working for Michael Curry Design brought all of my skills together, as I was mentored in art of puppetry and stage craft at the highest level.  I developed into a world class problem solver, fabricator, engineer, inventor, and project manager, building props and puppets for live theatrical productions worldwide.  I continue working in the entertainment industry as a freelance Creative Consultant and Custom Fabricator.  I am currently working on my UX Design certification. 

Design & Fabrication


  • Metal fabrication and machining 
  • Mechanics and craft work 
  • Composites and carpentry 
  • Electronics and Pneumatics
  • Puppetry and costumes 
  • Human interface and ergonomics 
  • Robotics and Animation
  • Workshopping concepts and collaborative design
  • Solution discovery through contrarian thinking 
  • Technical writing and documentation
  • Installation and Customer support. 



  • Biomechanics in animals and nature
  • First Principal thinking and Philosophy 
  • Physics, engineering, mechanics
  • Technology and innovation
  • Architecture, visual arts 
  • Kinetic art, sculpture
  • Theater, Film & Photography 
  • Products with great form and function  
  • Good UX Design